Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ask a Hippie: The intimidation of starting

Dear Happy Homeschool Hippies,

My twins are turning 3 next week, and starting preschool the next day. I'm sending them to at least one year, maybe 2? But then would really want to homeschool (it's either that or Private school, and I'd imagine homeschooling to be MUCH cheaper!). I'm glad it's a ways away, so I have time to decide on what to do, use, and get organized...but it's very intimidating and makes me anxious!


Dear Ashli,

First of all, deep cleansing breaths. There is lots of time later to be anxious.
Feeling calmer? Good. Have you considered NOT sending the twins to preschool? This may be the perfect time to take homeschooling for a trial run. There are many fun preschool resources available in a broad range of prices including FREE. Not only will you see how you relate to each other in a learning situation, but also give you some time to experiment with learning style before they are school age.
If you do decide to send them to preschool, my advice is to stay closely involved with what they are learning. When I sent my older children to school, I found that there became a disconnect. I went from knowing everything they were exposed to and learning, to just a summary at the end of the day. When I brought them back home, it took me time to figure it out again. With my younger children who have never been to school, there was never that missing piece, we just continued right on learning from walking and talking to algebra and beyond.

Heather (East Coast Hippie)
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