Monday, September 12, 2011

Following a Science Curriculum

Science is always happening at our house. The boys always have new interests and we explore each one until they are ready to move on. I decided though, when Atticus started his "first grade" studies, to follow the four year science rotation suggested in The Well-Trained year each of Life Science, Earth/Space Science, Chemistry, and Physics repeated three times through the schooling cycle. I searched for a curriculum that was a) secular; b) organized; c) experiment heavy; and d) open and go. I found R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey, and we have been very happy with this choice! With each lesson we Read, Explore, Absorb, and Learn about science. We generally do two labs a week and explore the topics in further detail through library books or museum visits.

We started first grade with Life. We are about to finish up Earth & Space in a few weeks and then we'll move on to Chemistry. You are allowed to reproduce as many copies as you want for your family's use, and with my fun Pro-Click binding tool, I can create a book for each kiddo full of their labs.

I love the organization of the books.

The author provides a summary of what your child should take away from each topic.

A list of supplies for each topic.

Suggested readings for each topic. (Note: Sometimes I am unable to get the suggested titles from the library, however it is a great starting point for my searches.)

And website suggestions as well.

The lab sheets are easy to read and child-friendly.

They require very little in the way of artistic endeavors, which is important to my 8 year old. And you can make keepsake books highlighting important facts to chronicle your learning.

You utilize many household products.

As well as things you can find outside.

Lots of food.

And you get to measure.

You look at rocks using magnifying glasses.

And use dangerous tools.

Observe things as they sit around and grow.

Play and experiment with live animals.

Get "tested" using stuffed animals.

And involve all of the kids.

What do you do for science? Please share!

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  1. Love your science ideas! Especially the use of pizza as earth :)