Thursday, September 1, 2011

Creating A Routine (Calender Making)

I don't know about you, but in order to keep the house running with minimal carnage, I need a routine.
This is what I did to help myself stay on track. I made a daily routine.

I sat down one day and I wrote out everything that happens consistently. Then I made a daily calender for each day of the week so I could see it all in front of me at any given moment.

I actually posted a pic here of one of my days so you can see an example.

I got this template HERE.
This is a really simple daily schedule I have on my fridge in a sheet protector thing. I simply keep all the day of the week in there and rotate them each morning. I can look at it and see roughly what I should be doing and when. If I get off track it is okay, I have left blank spots here and there for the kids and myself to use to catch up, do something extra or just hang out. I have our extracurriculars listed and I even have a baby nap in there so I remember that the BABY MUST SLEEP or there will be great sorrow in our home.
Some days have chores, some have craft projects.
I have time for me to do emails for things that are important to me (mommy has extracurriculars too!) and on some of my days I have my piano lessons listed and during my lessons I have a list of what the kids can do for fun at those times.
This routine is not set in stone. It does get knocked out of whack on occasion. But more often than not it keeps me on track and that is what I need to feel peaceful and like I am making progress in my days. It also keeps my patience level much higher.

Now tell me what you do to stay on a routine or why you don't use a routine.

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