Thursday, September 1, 2011

Homeschool Organization: The School Rooms

Welcome to our school rooms!
With 2 school age kids, a preschooler, a baby and a papa doing college online, we needed a designated location for all this learning!

So we took two of our rooms and made them into school rooms.

This is the little classroom. It used to be my sewing room and it is perfect for storing a lot of our curriculum.

Kid school on the bottom and up at the tippy top my husband's college stuff.

Places to put books when we are done and the "librarian" (that's me) needs to clean up.

More drawers and supplies.
Maps and other important posters.

The other room is called the big classroom. This is where the kids and I spend most of our time. If all 3 kids need a computer or I need a computer and 2 kids need a computer, we simply scoot someone into the little classroom while we do school right next door in the big classroom.

Desk and printer (and Sid the Science Kid!)

I kept a few toys in here for the baby (like the bucket of legos there) but it is mostly just  school stuff. There are our workboxes for 3 kids and there is the other computer.

A couch for lounging, toys in the corner and a coffee table for play and for school.

We keep the tv in the closet.

There are all sorts of ways to put your school  together and this is what is working for us.

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