Thursday, September 1, 2011

Virtual Homeschooler Organization: The beginning

For many people the idea of homeschooling can be overwhelming, but they still want to do it.
I was one of those people.

I wanted to be more involved in my kiddos' education but the idea of making my own curriculum or trying to afford curriculum was overwhelming.

This is where virtual learning came in for me. In my state (here we have Idaho....) we have a great public charter school called Idaho Virtual Academy.
Yes, I realize some of the diehard homeschoolers are doubled over in agony right now because I have just revealed family's huge character flaw: We are NOT true homeschoolers. We are actually PUBLIC charter schoolers to happen to attend school at home. (There is a chance we have horns too.)
Love it or hate it though, in my opinion the future of homeschool is online and for people like me who need training wheels to begin homeschooling, these great public charter schools are the way to go.

The upside is of course the free curriculum that is delivered to your door. All you do is follow the lesson plan set every day and you are golden.
The downside is that occasionally you can get caught up in checking all your subjects off and you start to feel like you are in a race with the clock.

I'm going to give you some ideas to help with that. If these ideas don't suit your family, I hope they at least give you a light bulb moment.

1. You don't have to do every part of ever lesson every single day. Seriously. Does your kindergartner understand the color yellow? Then skip that part of the lesson.

2. You can take the test first. The key to these lessons is the test. If your kid can pass the test, then why do a lesson and repeat what they obviously know?

3. If you have a rough math day you can stop and come back tomorrow. Don't die on that multiplication hill people. Regroup and come back to fight (or hopefully just learn) another day.

4. You can change your calender of classes. Do all your math on Monday, Science and History on Tuesday, Language Arts Wednesday, Electives Thursday and take Friday off! Or make up another plan. It is YOUR SCHOOL! Make it the schedule you prefer!

5. Ease into it. Start at part time. Do one or two classes the first day, then add another one, do that for a day or so and then add another one. You can start at the shallow end of the pool instead of diving in.

There you go, a few tips that I hope will help!

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