Friday, September 23, 2011

What to virtual schoolers do when the internet breaks?

Well, first we run around in circles in a complete panic because we can't remember where people gained knowledge before google.

Then mama remembers that time before the internet existed.
You know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

She feels all nostalgic and pulls out BOOKS.

Of course, some of us can't remember that time, so they start an art project making themselves a laptop.

The rest of us get out our books and start our assignments. We don't need no stinking interhighway!

Well, one of us does.
He was much happier with his laptop.

I joke, but really, what does a virtual school family do when their internet service goes out AGAIN?
Well, first they get a new provider (and we did, hooray!).

Then they get out the books and teach the old fashioned way.
It was a lot of fun to go through our books, talk about things we read and remember that the internet is a great tool for teaching, but it isn't the ONLY tool.

How do you teach without the internet?
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