Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Renaissance Cures

We are almost finished studying the Middle Ages using Story of the World, a history curriculum our whole family is enjoying. History is told in a narrative format, and the Activity Book includes map work and fun activities that even the little kids love. We try to do at least one of the activities for each chapter. History is probably the most fun subject at our house!

Today the kids were being a bit wild, so I decided it would be a great idea to distract them by talking about medical practices during the Middle Ages. Our activity book included recipes for a few cures that made the kids think about the effectiveness of the cures physicians used to try to cure Edward VI when he became ill.

We started with a cherry bark boil to relieve coughs:

The boys swallowed spiders to "rejuvenate the body":
We made a salve with egg yolk, vinegar, and flower petals from our yard:
And it was liberally applied to booboos:
Our cow manure poultice to draw out poison from inflamed limbs was blue. (We have a special cow.)
And we brewed lettuce tea to help us sleep:

The baby has finally reached the glorious age where I can provide him with a tray of finger food to keep him happy while I throw up a blog post! Yay!
Off to nap time now! Let's hope that lettuce tea works!

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